What to expect in WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 is right around the corner, with an expected rollout towards the end of August. After downloading the Beta version I am impressed with not only the layout changes but the further optimization of the WordPress core. For discussion purposes, lets take a look at the features that will most impact our clients who manage their own site content through the WordPress CMS.

1. New Media Library

The new Media Grid will be the most noticeable change for clients.  This new design will allow you to view your media library files, including images and videos in a grid view. The new interface is a  modern approach to viewing your images, those hard to view thumbnails are a thing of the past in 4.0. We now have a  faster way to view and manage your media files. When you click on a  file a pop-up window will one where file information can be edited.

2.Creating & Updating Blog Posts

There are several changes to the post editor that will make writing and editing your blog posts a little easier. The menu bar in the editor will now stick to the top as a user writes a post. A cool feature now is that the editor will re-size itself as you write. The scroll bar in post editor is also gone. This was rather annoying, particularly on mobile devices. The new editor providing a much better writing experience. Video embeds have vastly improved as well. Users will be able to see the actual embed in the post editor when they paste a URL from supported site, such as YouTube.

3. Plugins

For those clients that manage their own plugins the experience has been greatly improved in WordPress 4.0. Similar to the media view, plugin search results are now displayed in a grid. It’s much easier to quickly scan through plugins and read descriptions.

Since we are still in the Beta version I would anticipate additional features and certainly bug fixes to be implemented over the next month. Once you get started with WordPress 4.0 feel free to send us a note on your thoughts and any questions.