Does Your Website Need a Terms and Conditions Page

In most of the websites that you have visited, you may have come across some fine prints, which are always located at the bottom of a page. The fine prints are rarely read and most people find them boring. The terms and conditions page is the most ignored section of a website. Believe us, we know, our little terms and conditions link at the bottom of our site has been clicked an whopping 7 times since it was added to our site a year ago. But that little link is there for a reason… do you know that it can absolve you from wrongdoing in a court of law. Now that you know that, it’s not a bad idea to consider adding your own terms and conditions to your website. The page not only stipulates the terms and conditions of running the website but also dictates how visitors should conduct themselves while in the website. It may not be a legal requirement especially for the websites which do not collect any personal information but it is a necessary page, one which can make a big difference when caught up in a legally challenging situation.

Having a terms and conditions disclosure where you limit your liability in cases of errors in the content which is posted in the website means that you may not be held responsible in such a circumstance. When you let the viewers and visitors know that the content which is posted in the website should not be construed as the gospel truth and solely relied in making certain decision, nobody will hold you responsible in an event that they engage in some activities and suffer loss or damages. In some situation, you may allow the visitors to post content in the website, where they may express their opinion. A terms and condition page will have clearly stipulated that the views expressed by the visitors are solely their opinion and does not represent the stand of the website or company. When this is clearly stipulated viewers, visitors and any other party who may read the content will be fully aware that the website does not endorse such an opinion. Terms and conditions in this case will have saved the company from a negative reputation especially if the content which was posted was offensive to the readers or visitors. At times it may be hard to control what goes on in the internet given that website owners may not be online all the time. An offensive content may be posted in the website and within a short time millions of viewers or visitors will have accessed the content. This will have hurt the reputation of the website but with the terms and condition clearly stipulated the clauses will have absolved the site from the actions of visitors, and the company will have saved its face.

While writing terms and condition for a website, there is a need to consult a legal expert since there are some technical jargons which need some clarification. This is necessary when the website will need to collect personal information. There is a need to put it clearly, in a language that is understood by all. It is a website legal requirement for the owners of the site to clearly stipulate how they will use the information and ensure that it cannot be accessed by an authorized party. Terms and conditions page for a website should be seen as an important component which can save the website owners especially when they are challenged in a court of law.