How to Use Landing Pages to Maximize Your Business Exposure

An effective Landing Page Design can be a crucial part to the financial success of any online presence. A landing page is essentially a stand alone website separate from the main website often designed for a single purpose.   A landing page is often creatively designed to solicit traffic in huge numbers in the hopes of click through rates.  However, simply getting a lot of hits on the website is not going to put money in your pocket.  An expertly crafted landing page is going to be the determining factor that actually converts this traffic to dollars.

Common Misconceptions

According to recent research provided by MarketingSherpa, nearly 44% of all first time visitors to online properties are immediately directed to the website’s homepage rather than to a specific and appropriate landing page.  And if the website happens to implement this marketing method at all, the landing page design is either unfocused or links to worthless or inappropriate promotional offers entirely.  The landing page and the home page are not the same.  They are two very different and unique webpages with vastly different purposes.


Lead Generation

Landing pages can be very effective for commercial websites that offer a variety services since there may be different marketing strategies and promotions involved with each area.   Each product or service could  have its own creatively worded landing page design in order to engage the reader to respond instantly to the previously read “Call to Action” from your email, social media, or other marketing methods.  If the prospect is directed to a rather vague home page that requires them to hunt and search for the originally intended product or service, then they will be far more likely to click off the site entirely and move on.


Boost your Contacts List

Most potential consumers rarely purchase from your website on the first visit.  If they do, then great!  Most people want to think it over before making an emotional purchase that they may later regret.  Effective landing page design allows for immediate interaction by means of their contact information instead of a monetary payment.  This information is like money in the bank.  You can now keep in touch with these prospects, sending them little reminders, additional promotions, and free giveaways as a method of nurturing the professional relationship.


Better Understand your Demographics

The optimum landing page design will also solicit other types of specific information from the potential customers that will help the successful online marketer to better understand if the current marketing strategies are actually reaching the intended target audience.  Every time someone makes a purchase, still more information is collected, allowing the business to better distinguish between who is only visiting the site vs. who is actually buying.


Creating these landing pages is an art form all to its own.  The headline is critical.  It should be catchy and interesting.  Images and video must be used creatively but without filling the site with too many “bells and whistles”.  The Call to Action must be unmistakably visible, and the benefits of your products and services must be clearly defined.  In short, landing page design can be the single, most important determining factor in the overall financial success of the online property.