Kurin Blood Culture

Python Web Application

Kurin needed a way to take multiple spreadsheets functions and automate them into a single we application that was secure and agile. We used python for data visualization, processing several spreadsheets and input data into a   graphical representation with interactive plotting and querying. The result is a web application that can quickly display summary data and export reports across various regions. 


  • Data aggregation and visualization.
  • Machine learning (ML).
  • Secure login with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  • Advanced queries and chart plotting.
  • Toggle to review raw data.
  • Ability to export and send reports. 
DeliverableWeb Application
TechnologyPython | Javascript | Angular

Kurin® is a privately held business focusing its depth of experience in medical device engineering, marketing, sales and service, to tackle the persistent and costly fallout of false positive blood cultures. The Kurin Lock® with Flash Technology sidelines skin contaminants during blood culture collection, and has become the blood culture collection standard of care in hospitals.