Myx Kitchen

eCommerce website with build your own product and calorie calculator

We were challenged with creating an eCommerce website that not only allowed customers to build their own meals but displayed the calories and nutritional content as they added and removed ingredients. The result was a visual display of ingredient selections making the experience fun and easy to navigate. Myx also requested they have the ability to edit products easily on their own. This led us to use WordPress as the content manager allowing the client to fully edit all aspects of the website include static pages and product.

We then transformed this website experience into fully customized iOS and Android mobile applications. The result was a cohesive brand identity across both web and mobile.


  • Full eCommerce and online payments.
  • Product creator with calorie calculator.
  • Product ordering limits based on time of day.
  • Customer account creation with favorites and stored credit cards.
  • Quick reordering.
  • Payment integration with stored credit cards.
  • Full optimized for mobile.

Founded in 2017, Myx Kitchen has established itself as a delicious, local destination for wholesome and clean ingredients in Greenwich, CT. Myx provides it’s customers with healthy food that never lacks in flavor.   

Deliverables:eCommerce Website
Technology:WordPress | WooCommerce