Fintech Web Application

WealthDrive presented 540 with the challenge of building a SaaS (Software As a Service) web application that could challenge the likes of SalesForce, eMoney and others. We started with wire framing a user experience and module flow of 50+ screens. What resulted was a complete suite of tools to manage client onboarding, proposals, financial planning, human resources, billing and comp schedules and marketing automation available in a singe web application. The seamless functionality of the system allows the user to move from one module to the next with all their data presented in a clean and organized fashion. Using AWS Machine Learning we teach the software to learn and build tables to organize and present client data.  


  • Client onboarding with detailed contact management.
  • Manage leads and opportunities and transition contacts from leads to clients.
  • Account opening and data syncing with leading financial services and broker dealers.
  • Proposal creator.
  • Investing module with portfolio creation and modeling.
  • Market data feeds.
  • Phone calls and video conferencing.
  • Machine learning (ML).
  • Advanced queries and chart plotting.
  • Ability to completely white-label. 
DeliverableWeb Application
TechnologyReactJS | Javascript | NodeJS | AWS | Twillio | Custom APIs

WealthDrive is a full tech stack of software for marketing, sales, project management, customer service, financial planning and insurance sales, with a completely revolutionary artificial intelligence built in at its core. The SaaS asked software can be completely white labeled. 

This technology gives  teams a shared view of customers along with keeping everything safe and secure by utilizing the AWS platform.