When Less is More

As much as I enjoy building elaborate web concepts,  the minimalists approach is just as rewarding from a design perspective and and can really push the limits of creativity. Minimalist design is a website designed at its most basic, stripped down form. It is free of extra elements, colors and textures. The whole idea is to make the product or concept the focal point and stand out from the remaining content.

The minimalist approach allows a client to start with a blank canvas and ask what is the main purpose of the website. Do I offer a several different services that I need to display in detail or is my ultimate goal to promote a single product or service.

Our homepage at 540 Design Studio as well as a client website we designed, Plush Blow, were both designed with the minimalist approach. As you can see both websites consists of a  plain white background, menu, a graphic element.


The graphic element is clearly the most important element and brings the color and texture to the homepage. In essence it defines our identity.

With the complexity of this particular graphic elements, more content on these page would have made it less noticeable, and less important. Keeping the content to a minimum, helps to achieve the perfect balance.